There is no question about the amount of support that the Xbox one has received from Microsoft and developers these last two years, especially this year. The content is truly king for Xbox one and Microsoft. This is where things should be. 2016 is the year though. Microsoft has promised even more games to be released next year over what has been done this year. This year alone was the best ever in software for Microsoft releases and support. They have proven they are worth fighting for. They have proven they fight for the gamers. But all this could be for nothing if next year swings the wrong way. Playstation’s lineup, if true, could be a big trump card. Ps4 has on schedules games like No Man Sky, Grand turismo, Uncharted, Eve Valkerie with its VR head set and more vr exclusives. Also don’t forget about Street Fighter next gen exclusive, Detriot, MLB 16 and Horizon Zero. There are most likely more but these are stand outs. Microsoft so far has only 3 left that I am interested in, Quantum break, Gears of War, and Recore. Some could say Microsoft’s big three outweigh ps4’s list. Others could say ps4’s list shows things are growing faster than xbox one and therefore spells doom for them. Me I see the pros and cons to both. Yes ps4 has more in their lineup next year. Problem with that is this normally doesn’t make it to reality. Based on the past these games just might not launch for another year or more. Playstation games normally have this kind of a track record. Xbox one quality of their releases just might be so strong that ps4 is not talked about during them. However, it also could be that these games Microsoft releases could still have little show over the mindshare power of the Ps4. We are seeing some of that right now with Tomb raider. It is a great game that most that have both systems claim that they couldn’t get into for some reason. Personally, I think it’s just because it’s not out on the Ps4 and for some reason deep down the person feels it might look and play better on the Ps4 no matter how it looks on the Xbox one. Honestly, I really can relate to this because I saw this myself. I thought that as I played shockingly. Something inside me feels that the Ps4 version will most likely look better overall based on track records of third party games. So if even I can go through this I’m sure others will too. I can’t help but play out PES 2016 with its resolution and options on the Xbox one vs ps4. How both look good but the textures don’t seem as crisp and or exact on the Xbox one side of things compared to the ps4. If there is a true winner I can honestly admit it. Not all third party games have this clear winner result but there are a lot that do and that’s just honesty. Again, not saying that the Xbox one can’t do things it’s just harder to get the same results on the Xbox side of things compared to ps4. So unfortunately the overall sales leads will only make this stick out more often even if it’s something more that can it done to make both look more equal. So again 2016 is important to Xbox one. They could take over home territory numbers and or fall out of contention in their home territory. If this happens I don’t think I can rightfully suggest to anyone to buy a xbox one if this becomes the picture. Just to be certain I am talking strictly the U.S market. We all know the global count is not at all in question for Playstation. But in America Ps4’s lead is just under a million as last counted. This can easily be cut down or removed during the Christmas sales for consoles.