PS4 Won Black Friday 2015 Week in the UK, Outselling the Xbox One by 5,000 Units

OK folks I want to bring something to you guys attention. Look at this statement and heading on one of playstation’s main sites. The told number bragged about for Black Friday was a 5000 units. Number one that’s not much especially considering the mindshare and dominance ps4 has. Number two is that this difference is in Uk. What happened in America? The biggest point is that they seem to be only confirming a 5000 difference period that day. If so that difference is only UK. If that is true that would lead me to believe that the Xbox one beat the ps4 in the States. Now don’t quote me on that because I don’t know for sure. But being that the only numbers they are giving is a 5000 console sale difference on that day and those sales came all from the UK this would mean that xbox could have at the least tied ps4 if not beat them in America. But to be fair, will we ever know for sure being that Microsoft doesn’t post?