Look, even as a xbox one player I can honestly say I have never felt out of the race or fear that something ps4 did was going to really effect xbox one until now. Games started to mount that had me worried for Microsoft. Games like Detroit,Grand Turismo, and god of War all made me “start” to question the future of the Xbox one. I generally started to fear for the future of the system but I still felt hope for it at the same time in the past. I knew that Final Fantasy 7 was going to be put on the ps4. I just didn’t know that it was going to look like this. There is no way I would miss out on this game.


I loved FF7. I just wasn’t really excited about playing it over again with “slightly” better washed out textures. Now that I understand that they are remaking it like a ps4 game developed now this changes everything. I can’t wait to play this game. It is now that I am in fear for the future of the Xbox one. I hope that soon more news will support a uprising of xbox one gamers in the U.S when the holiday is over. But sadly, even if there is this doesn’t remove the amount of amazing games heading down the pipe for ps4. I can only hope that Microsoft finds a way to hold on because I fear they have thrown their best punch this holiday and year. If they aren’t put in a better position after this it may be over for them as far as having any hopes of being a respectable competitor in the gamer’s and or developer’s minds.