I can’t really express into words how much I love playing this game through. It, like heavy rain didn’t get enough credit for its great story line and gripping character interactions. The game grabs you quickly and its a choice tree to how you respond and the paths you take for yourself. I love this about some games. I love the path percentages that are shown after each chapter is completed. Ellen did a absolutely beautiful job on this game. I wished it sold more and was more talked about because it deserves it. Games like this and the upcoming “Detriot” are special gems that I won’t forget about Playstation. The best thing at the end I think that really connected me and hit home was when you find out who Iden was! Oh my goodness that floored me and really brought a missing piece that really put sunlight in the sky of a puzzle you were trying to complete. I’m really going to love playing through this game again later on but I really wanted to express my thoughts about Beyond Two Souls. We give it a sold 9.5 out of 10 here at Digitalcrack. Thank you so much for bringing Two Souls to the ps4 playstation and thank you Ellen Page for allowing us to witness your masterpiece.