So far that we know this game is only a PC game that has just announced that its coming to ps4. The scary part of this is that this is the same game studio that made Gears of War for Microsoft. That’s right folks, a game studio mostly involved with Microsoft is turning their attention the ps4. And trust and believe me folks this isn’t a standard game here. This game is Smite for magic and might. So it’s a MOBA and it will sell like crazy and it is what I have been waiting on. The only problem I had with Smite was the focus of false gods without a choice or say in the matter. This looks more my speed and will once again push me to the ps4. If you want to know more about it look it up. The game even in it’s alpha stage looks amazing and I can’t wait. For Xbox one point of view I can only hope we get it to and maybe it was a oversight or something.