Microsoft has given gold this year. It has the most real top notch exclusives. It has easily done more for its fans than any console. I have never seen any console give back more during one year to its fans than Microsoft. The thing that truly hurts is that no matter what, they will never be given back the mind share they lost in the beginning. This means that no matter how good they have been this year it won’t do them much good if the ps4 remains the best selling, especially in America and this is almost always strongly connected to mind share. Next year might be a little harder on them to remain relevant if ps4 launches the majority of games they have revealed this month at their Playstation Event. Quantum break and Gears of War, Recore and Scalebound might not be enough to take down Uncharted, No man Sky, Playstation VR with EVE Valkyrie and others VR games, MLB 16, Final Fantasy 7 remake, street fighter 5 ,Paragon, Detroit, and Ratchet and Clank. Let’s not forget Grand Turismo and God of War are still out there and are suppose to be released at some point. Bottom line, xbox one has done what is needed and all that they can do, it’s just not going to be enough for most.