I give! I give!! First off, congrats ps4!!! This is a type of win that only true champions can pull off during their run. Through crazy amounts of pressure from Microsoft, the ps4 has managed to beat them with Microsoft’s gloves off. Microsoft had everything in place. A new OS , new hardware (elite bundle and the Elite Controller), price cuts, free games, and major exclusives like Tomb Raider. But when they got through all it did was put them in second place yet again. Don’t get me wrong the system sold like crazy but the ps4 just sold more. Dang, I really do feel bad for Microsoft. Am I surprised? Not by a lot but I still find it a little confusing. How in the world does ps4 continue to do this? After Christmas, if things go like this, I think it’s time to raise a white towel as Microsoft for ever being #1 anywhere in the world. It’s just not going to happen….. ever!