There is no doubt in unbiased gamers minds that the Xbox one has been the trend setter for exclusive games for the first two years of the new gen console’s run. At the same time this has done very little to stop the ps4 sales. What if the ps4 became the leader in great exclusives and continue to dominate in sales in 2016? What would this mean for Microsoft? Their continued dominance will no doubt continue in sales across the planet in 2016 so this could only mean doom days ahead for the Xbox one if they loose the last advantage they have in exclusives. As a xbox one gamer I can’t help but see that we have shot off our biggest guns in one fight round before the fight was over. When the bell rung our foe was still standing with reserved energy. Basically as a gamer I see this as fate. There is nothing Microsoft could ever do to turn this around. It’s been playstation’s world since they announced the price and no DRM. If Microsoft started to give away their system it would not change things for them. This is just Sony’s generation this go round. Frankly I believe the worse thing you can do against fate is try and sacrifice  too much trying to fight it because you can’t. Microsoft would do well to remember that. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is survive for the next war. Do what you can for the fans you have, move on and prepare for the next generation system. As much as I appreciate all the free stuff and price drops it’s equally important that there remains a division called xbox more than winning only one territory in a lost war.