Kojima, the name brings delight to most gamers out there. He is responsible for some of the most amazing games seen in console history. Now, that name will depart from being associated with Konami and will now be tied to Sony. Sony and Kojima  has stuck a deal and partnership that will bring exclusives to Sony’s ps4. But what does this deal do to the rest of the game consoles? Frankly I don’t think it hurts them anymore than Sony has already with its dominance thus far. The biggest thing is that the ps4 doesn’t get Metal Gear, as this belongs to Konami still. So that means multiple formats are still available for that game of Konami wants. But if anyone knows Konami’s history with Microsoft and it’s xbox one , then you know they have very little knowledge or will to produce for them the way they produce for the ps4. So in the end it doesn’t really help Microsoft nor hurt them anymore than they are now. They are still in the same boat. All that will happen in my opinion is that Sony will get yet another exclusive and advantage to help pad or grow their mindahare. But, keep in mind these games won’t be seen any time soon by Kojima and ps4 for at least 2 more years. When the game does hit though it will be very risky and direct. Kojima has said he wants the freedom to push the edgy content more and was upset at the limits they placed on him at Konami. So I’m sure he didn’t leave Konami just to sign over his rights to Sony for them to have that same power over him. So be prepared for nudity and harder violence than seen in any previous game made by Konami and Kojima.