A the soap opera of consoles continues with me. Just when things seem to be sure something happens to make you think otherwise. It proves to me that more than ever it’s safer to just have both systems. I thought I could survive with just my xbox one but I was wrong. At another time I thought I could ride Sony’s horse without xbox one since the sales pointed to domination and I was wrong again. The only time I have been safe was when I had both system as I do now. Basically the only thing you can count on is that these systems will have their hot moments and cold ones. It’s best not to act against any console while it’s in the cold stage because you know it will change sooner or later. Such is what happen with the ps4 for me. Adding the Twitch app and Spotify was huge for me. Then I played “Beyond Two Souls” and my heart opened up for the console and gaming on it all over again. This game was so good to me. I absolutely loved that game and it caused a lot of my buried love for Playstation to return to the surface. Then I found out that Heavy Rain is also coming as well and then the excitement of one of my first loves returned with all the excitement it gave me year ago. Content changes things for me. Paragon was next on the excitement  charts for me and before I knew it I was playing way more Playstation and being more excited about upcoming games. But my xbox one didn’t help things as it gave constant crashes and non responsiveness at times. I thought that once the final version of the new software hit this would stop all this. It didn’t. I even lost entire saves of big games. Ironically enough the ps4 is the more stable of the two now. But come next year when quantum breaks hits I’m sure I will feel the love for the Xbox one yet again. So again this is why we need two consoles. No matter what you do you will never have it all in one console.