Look , come next year I will running myself crazy over Quantum Break, Recore (hopefully),and Gears of War. I can’t wait to see these titles. I will be so glad that I have a xbox one when these titles hit. Phil Spencer for president if you ask me. But when it comes down to an unbiased suggestion for others who want to buy a game console I can no longer suggest to them the Xbox one. The writing is on the wall folks. It’s been there for a long time to be honest with you but I still felt Microsoft had more fight in them until today(opening up Azure cloud powering to Sony). To be honest I can’t say that they will not sell off the Xbox one or kill it off earlier than expected  to try and beat sony to the next console generation. I wouldn’t feel right in my heart if I told others to join the Xbox one after all that happened. I have both consoles so I’m fine with whatever happens however I refuse to continue to lead others to a path I’m taking knowing the risk. At best all I can suggest is having a ps4 first and foremost and the later on get the Xbox one of you truly like the exclusives and just want another system. But owning just a xbox one isn’t the smart thing to do anymore guys, I see that now and can only give the knowledge to you guys now. I will continue to enjoy myself while playing the Xbox one or ps4 but after seeing the signs on the wall I have to be honest with others.