Microsoft’s xbox one head Phil Spencer is a great man. He is honest and very humble. However, it puzzled me today when I read that he has announced that the ps4 and Sony can have access to Microsoft’s cloud technology for all their games including the exclusives! That’s right, the only real advantage left Microsoft had was the Azure cloud structure and now it’s open for everyone. Look, I get the whole peace and friend making statements but I don’t see nor understand the logic in giving tech and access over to your rival. Personally, I believe Phil is a smart business man that sees the writing on the wall. He knows that if their best year ever can’t even beat ps4 then it’s over. Will Microsoft leave the Xbox one behind? Absolutely not! I do believe though that Microsoft knows this generation is lost when measuring sales. There isn’t anything that can be done to turn this around and Phil now knows this more than ever. I think Microsoft is looking at partnership options more than rival options with Sony.