2016 is coming fast guys. Thinking back on all that has happened this year in gaming for the Xbox one I have come up with some simple goals for them. The first thing they have to examine what worked this year and what didn’t. Price cuts to the point where you are giving up the farm needs to end. I know this isn’t popular and all to say but it’s true. Microsoft  has money to burn I get that but it’s money still has limits and this generation of consoles just got off blocks. They need to be smarter about what they give up. Microsoft  has cut sales down and given away almost 4 games per console. This has hurt the rest of the developers chances in getting sales because the average persons buys 4-5 games a year. After buying a xbox one and getting this amount of free games there really isn’t anything needed that year for that person. Yes this helped put pressure on Sony to do the same but it hurts Microsoft more being behind.

Next up is focus. The U.S is the only market the Xbox one really sales well in. I think their time has been wasted in loosing territories for too long now as we enter the third year life cycle. I’m not saying pull out but less push and money spent there to focus on claiming the U.S. would be smarter going forward. Basically there is no hope for Japan come to think of it so I take that back. This does need to be a area they pull from. But the others can remain. Europe they have lost badly there also but they still have a OK fan base there. The truth is, they will never be competitive there but at least they have a presence.

Next is wrapping up their exclusives line up. Make sure these things hit but make sure they hit at the right time. We don’t need too many games hitting at the wrong time or together. Doing this just jams up the sales and opinions on the game and ultimately Microsoft. I would say the main game and most important launch next year is Quantum Break. Its different yet powerful conscept that has not been done. It soemthing that can stand out for xbox one ONLY. They need great ads, tv show apperances, commercials and that TV show needs to be on point and working just like they said it would. What Microsoft can’t afford is to come out without delivering on something they promised. Gears of War needs to be the next big thing they have to commit money behind. Just like quantum break it needs the right ads and commercial push.

Lastly Microsoft needs to pick and focus on how they want approach Hololens. Unlike Sony’s VR the Hololens isn’t a clear product direction. Most don’t know if it’s for the computer or xbox one still. They don’t know how and what benefits it truly has. Mostly because Microsoft isn’t sure yet how to use it the best themsevles. Basically the same mistake they made at the start of the Xbox one launch. Microsoft is trying to build a tech that can do a bunch of things while the ps4 vr is working and perfecting one aspect of their product, gaming in VR. Microsoft is also making a product that is going to be more expensive yet again and we all know how that turned out for them at the launch of the Xbox one.They don’t seem to be learning from their mistakes which will plague them.