The VR world will have very big problems when they launch, motion sickness. The word on the street from numerous sources is that VR might not make it long . Neither Sony nor Oculus developers have a answer to stop motion sickness from their headsets . They have increased frame rates but still can’t stop people from getting sick. Most report that the sickness is so bad that they remained sick the whole day after playing the best VR game is development, Eve valkerie. This isn’t good and yet another reason I wrote about this concern a while back. I slowdown my reports because I believed they had found a way to stop this with the extra frame rate. But now I see that they only stopped reporters from talking too negatively about it . This is something that could kill the VR world before it even gets off the ground. And if the pc Oculus rift can’t find a way to stop it you better known own it will be worse for the ps4’s VR. So don’t hold your breath guys for a VR world. It has way to many problems to be effective .