Well, the Tomb Raider game may just turn out to be a death blow against Microsoft. Rumors have it that the studio is indeed considering launching the Pc version of the game very early next year, possibly January. They claim that the reason is because they have too because of the weak sales of the Xbox one version. The rumors go on to say that this could mean early launch of the Sony version.  I’m saying this to be false. A company can’t break a contract for exclusive rights just because they didn’t make the profit they bet to make. Microsoft paid for the distribution and advertising of the game as part of their deal and I’m sure they aren’t just going to let this game launch now on the ps4 and kill off any advantage they had. Then again, they did just give up their Azure cloud to all comers. But if I’m wrong this will look extremely bad for Microsoft. It will hurt their reputation and effectiveness in the console seen even more. Developers will see this and turn away from them being assured by this that they can’t make it with exclusives through Microsoft. Microsoft probably already knows this and is the reason they said they would not pursue anymore exclusive from third party games anymore. Maybe they know no other developer will trust them to carry them in sales and can’t get another company to do what Tomb Raider did. This is a sad day if this all turns out to be true. Microsoft doesn’t deserve this. They deserve to hold court in their home town at least. They are a great gaming company with a great president. But it seems that no matter what they do they are doomed to fail this generation.