According to reports the Games shown for VR won’t look as good as what is show here. In fact he graphics are said to be very weak. Despite having the ability to run at 1080p the problem developers are facing has to do with balance of writing and graphics resolution of other objects. Either the words wot be readable or the graphic will be less than smooth and you can read text.  But you can’t do both basically. This is a big problem! Resolution is a big word in today’s gaming. If it’s not as beautiful in VR as it is out of it then what’s the point in going into VR? I for one, am happy to know this before I spend money on the headset. Now I know to wait and allow the technology to catch up to vision. So before you run out and spend all your money on the VR you might want to allow others room to test and confirm before you buy yourself. Maybe even try it out yourself in the store to see how it is before your buy.