I’m not use to buying things that aren’t the very best of their make and being this impressed by them. I always find flaws in them and end up with the best. I have always believed if you buy cheap you buy twice.  But with the Tab A, something has happened that has broke the mold. The unit is beautiful and handles things just fine. The battery life is amazingly long and definitely makes it the whole day with absolutely no problems. Everyone that see it loves the look especially the matching case and sleekness it shows off. Closed or open the combo is just one of those special mixes that makes the unit feel and look much more expensive than it is. I’ve even asked others about their thoughts about the possible return to get the latest and greatest and all have said that this unit is what they would keep especially when they hear it only ran me $179 for the unit where the S2 will run $220 more. In fact they were blowed away with the screen resolution and graphics even though I told them the S2 was so much higher. I think the combo of the matching colors of the case , unit, and my gorgeous wallpaper above really set it off and influence their minds without seeing the S2 to compare. But regardless I have to admit I am still having problems trying to sit it down and don’t know if I can return it for the S2 because I really love this combo too. The S2 is black and or white so it will not have the same champagne and silver trim look. Even their cases will be black with no real flare to it. Nothing like what I have now but yet they want 20 bucks more for the case( 70 bucks). That’s crazy right! $70 for a smart cover case that just plan black leather. I guess it’s the leather or something. Anyway, time will tell if this will go back and or stay. Right now I’m leaning towards keeping it.