So this year’s ends and ends well as far as I’m concerned. Microsoft especially should be in very good standing on their total sales in the U.S. despite the disappointed end to the year and the lack of sales on their biggest 3rd party exclusive Tomb Raider, I still believe they will have and had a great year. I still love playing my console and as long as Phil Spencer is the head I’ll always know that I will get great games. Does this mean that they beat Sony worldwide? No, of course not. But America is always up for grabs like I have talked about. Here in America Xbox one and Ps4 aren’t that different in sales numbers like it is in Europe and Japan. In Memphis it’s really opposite as most that enter the stores here are in the Xbox one section of the store and walk out with one more times than not. I also see way more adults and different ethnic groups on xbox one. This however, really isn’t going to do much to Microsoft lack worldwide numbers compared to Sony. But I think most are finally over that, thank Christ. I guess what you should take away from this is that Microsoft is battling as hard as they can and also.. we should be thankful.

9 out of 10