Are you kidding me! I knew something like this would happen. Right after Microsoft confirmed that they had successfully sold game exclusives by selling 1 million per game exclusive the PS4 comes behind and destroyed those numbers. PS4, after fixing their network, announced today that they basically sold 36 million consoles to date. This is massive because it basically means they sold over 5 million units in basically a month and a half. This is pure sickness guys. But if that’s not enough they go ahead and sell over 30 million games on their platform. This means they aren’t just a Wii that sales based on popularity contest. It means they are the real deal and truly the best we have seen ever in game console history at this point. Anyone that tries to argue that is just plan stupid in doing so. There isn’t anything worth talking about anymore as far as console war.  I really feel sorry for the Microsoft and all their hard work only to loose greater this year than last. This is really what it comes down to if you are Microsoft. Basically all their investment delivered absolutely nothing for them in terms of being better than their competitors. Yes Microsoft did better than they themsevles did last year so that’s good. But when companies see the differences between them and Sony grow like this they will be less likely to push for Microsoft in terms of quality of 3rd party games and maybe even be less likely to sign exclusives.