image’s a word and concept that has failed before and yet we are once again hopeful for a successful launch. Already the Oculus has announced and lied about pricing. On top of this the most advanced and longest developed headset has resulted in a staggering 3 game launch bag. And of the three games only 1 is even hinting towards success, Eve Valkyrie. Basically a failure already in my opinion and others. Most tech sites puts the success of this headset out at least 2 more years from now. So all of the R&D and massive amounts of money behind this amounts to nothing right now. Even the compatible PC’S out there are far in between. So after spending $600 on the device you still need more hardware to run it most likely. If the Oculus has this many issues what hope is there that a cheaper less developed headset coming from Sony will anymore of a success? Very little. As I have mention this time and past events should have taught us by now that people don’t want to get off the chairs and sofa’s to play a game. They would rather sit there relaxed and focused on the TV or monitor only. They don’t want a bunch of wires everywhere stretched across their rooms or desk, which both headset will have. They also don’t want to have to buy wand sticks or other items to further invest in abilities they should have right out the box. The biggest issue I have personally is that the Oculus is much more faster at frames per second and yet people still throw up. Then you know the Playstation Vr will cause even more throw up sessions in ps4 gamers. Basically I don’t see investing money into something that will cause me to vomit. Next to last, VR kills the new national past time, streaming. Yes you know that word, Streaming. It has become the video game haven for millions. It’s making money for millions and it’s one of the biggest geek facebook world on the net right now. Most buy consoles or PC’S just to be seen. Well VR removes this advantage and puts you alone without interactions because nobody is going to take their vr headset off just to read and respond to chats in the middle of a game session. Lastly is the hush about the true graphics seen in the VR headset vs what is being recorded for YouTube. They aren’t the same. The graphics in the headset are being reported as poor representation of the recorded streams and videos clips on YouTube. Basically they aren’t transfering the actual seen image of the video they way it looks to you. To you, you see poor texture and resolutions while the computer screen shows crisp detailed graphics. Now is this final results? I’m not sure but this is what is being reported by those using them in conferences. Sony will have a lot to nail as well as Oculus but Sony more than Oculus needs to be sure they are ready for this because there are a lot of changes and obstacles they need to address before released.