In probably one of the more important app signs next to Netflix and Vudu, Spotify is a huge add on to ps4. Sony has announced that its Spotify app has hit a amazing 11 million downloads and is one of the most used app on the PS4. When Sony announced their partnership with Spotify I knew then all hope for xbox was gone as far as being competitive. On top of Spotify having the best music streaming service in the world now with ps4, the ps4 is the current gen system that can play those streams in the background while playing games without doing a stupid split screen.  To date Microsoft still doesn’t have a answer for this or a work around as they can not play songs in the background even though they have a format designed for more multi-tasking compared to the PS4. I personally love Spotify and use it everyday. If not on my ps4…on my cell phone, tablet, or pc and having the ability to do while playing games is invaluable. I can’t believe Microsoft has yet to come up with a counter. But yet I still understand the scarface. They would basically have to get rid of their music push on its consoles to add someone like Spotify and some could argue, if not Spotify then why do it at all. Sony took a big gamble but it worked to perfection. They knew Microsoft couldn’t do music while gaming the right way and they knew they wouldn’t be willing to kill off their music division in favor of something as big as Spotify. The only counter I can see is that Microsoft gives all gold members free Microsoft music streaming. This would pacify it’s gamers for a bit then they have to make it possible to do it without that split screen mess. This is the only way to counter ps4’s Spotify I believe.  But until then Spotify remains yet another reason for people to pick ps4 over xbox One.