I was thinking about the future and what I would do if I was Phil Spencer. I came up with a what if. Steam gaming can be done strictly over the cloud right. Xbox one is a Windows format device right? So why can’t Microsoft come up with a streaming service that is for PC games that has a small box add on that can connected to the Xbox one like a small steam system of the sorts and have it connect all xbox one owners that own Gold memberships to their very own PC gaming stream network where they can play PC games on their Xbox one like a steam system. This further unifies their window devices and give a boost to the Xbox one. It also unifies PC and Xbox finally and completely. This way xbox one owner can enjoy way more titles and diversity in gaming than ever before. I’m sure there would be hurdles that need to be worked out but I’m sure it could be. Will it help them beat Sony,  still nope. But it will make it more exciting.