Look nothing has really happen that I know of but for some reason I feel the list for me has gotten very small, very quickly, compared to what I original thought. For starters Scalebound is gone to 2017. Tomb Raider already is here and done. Gears of War( not coming til end of the year) isn’t a big game for me but I would get it as a owner of a Xbox One. The Recore game that we don’t know much about isn’t a guarantee open world game( which is the only type of game it would get it for). It could just as well be a platform game for all we know right now. Forza motor is already done so I won’t see that until next year. Halo is already done with Halo Wars coming last of the year so it’s basically a 2017 game as well. Basically the ONLY game in 2016 for Xbox one that looks amazing is Quantum Break and that’s only if it’s done right. So basically my Xbox one could end up being in my closet for whole year if Quantum Break fails. That’s so weird, I could have sworn that we were set for 2016 and beyond for Xbox one. But now I see we are actually going to hit a drought, at least for the games I want. I know Phil Spencer said even more games this year than 2015 was coming but what good is that if these games aren’t what I want. Microsoft is in trouble guys! Not just from my closet dust but as a gaming platform this 2016 year. They couldn’t beat Sony 2015 with their most successful games line up, free games, and discounts on prices of the console. 2016 will absolutely kill them them if they have no gas left in the tank while ps4 comes with huge titles like FF7 remake, Street Fighter, Paragon, Grand Turimo, No Man sky, Ratchet and Klank, Eve Valkyrie etc, etc. The list is crazy for 2016 and it’s not going to end up very pretty for Microsoft. Already articles are going up about people that brought the Xbox one this holiday to add to their ps4 and regretting it or packing up like me until something comes out this year that makes it worth pulling out. I really like my Xbox one and think that it’s one heck of a console that just came out at the wrong time along side a once in a blue moon juggernaut, the PS4.