To most, we didn’t need this confirmation to know the obvious, that the Xbox one failed to beat the PS4 in December and the entire year of 2015. I for one will admit that I felt Microsoft might have pulled off some kind of hope at the end other year but I was wrong. In my home town there seems to be way more xbox one fans than ps4 but we don’t represent all of N. America. If anybody needed more proof that this battle or war is over, you have it now. There is but one console this generation that’s going to sale the most and have the most support and most titles, the PS4. This kinda reminds me of the Blu-ray battle with HD disc. Both represent simular parties. Microsoft Xbox 360 had HD and Sony’s ps3 had Blu-ray. When it was clear Blu-ray won I and a friend of mine ran out and traded our hd disc player add-on’s for the Xbox 360 before the trade in value went down. I suggest all out there to think long and hard about this same scenario for the Xbox one if they just got their console and don’t have a ps4 yet( if you can return it, do it now). If you have both like me then you are fine but if you are going to invest in one console, again I promise you, it will better to get the ps4. I’m admittedly sad about all this because most know I would have much preferred for Microsoft to have made this a competitive battle but that’s just not going to happen. And no matter how much I love playing my Xbox one I just wouldn’t tell others to buy into it if it’s going to be their only system.