To mostly nobody’s shock the Xbox one is again coming in at less than 1080p it’s being reported. This is bad news for fans of Xbox one. But with Ubisoft at the helm this also means they will purposefully, almost surely, drop the resolution of the ps4 to match that of the Xbox one. This is Ubisoft’s tactics since the start of this next gen console age. Unfortunately for ps4 fans they will suffer because the lowest platform power can’t handle things. So like Watchdogs, more than likely, the ps4 will not be allowed to show at 1080p if the Xbox one doesn’t. It’s also being reported that the Xbox one is only 30fps , again no surprise there, but worse is that it’s not solid. There are reports of it dropping well below. This thankfully isn’t something Ubisoft tries to mimic too closely. Chances are the ps4 will have a higher frame rate even if they are held below the 1080p mark. All this could change though and we will have to wait on more news and updates about this.