“UBISOFT are confident that The Division will utilise the full potential of both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One”

Where have I heard this before? Nevermind that this statement is overly used by everyone that thinks they have any programing skills at all. Nevermind that I have heard this same statement by developers last year and every year of the previous generation consoles yet games kept getting better looking. My biggest problem is that Ubisoft used this same statement right before delivering on Watchdogs when they lowered the graphics below 1080p on the ps4 to balance sells on the Xbox one and Ps4. The Division gameplay could be really good but again I can’t help but believe that the ps4 and xbox one will get below 1080p graphics to stop one console from looking superior. If they don’t deliver on full resolution on the ps4 at least then this statement above is such horse crap. We all know without a doubt that the ps4 is more powerful, even if by a little. This difference in most games almost always produces higher resolutions and frame rate. Now if both are full resolution HD then well done Ubisoft. But until then I find little confidence in this game really pushing the ps4 to the max.