Xbox one needs more than Recore, Gears of War, Halo Wars, and Quantum break. As promised by Phil, we will get more but what those titles are we don’t know. I know I could have mentioned titles like Fable and Crackdown but I don’t consider those games system buyers. In other words I don’t see people buying the console for just these titles alone. We need something big to take to the place of Scalebound and then we need one more hit to ride along with it. Paragon being exclusive to ps4 is a big hurt to Microsoft. I suggest they find a MOBA to stand against it. I personally would love to see Microsoft stand up proud this year because I personly like thier brand and maturity better. But things are really looking bad for them when you compare things to Ps4’s lineup. I also want to invest more money into the format but I’m scared to do it. I would love to buy the Elite controller but can’t right now. I have too many games I want. But if I knew that Microsoft was going to bring it”For me”, cause Phil already promised gamers this I would buy it right now.  The question is rather these are the games I am going to go crazy over or not. If not, what’s the point. I already know I’m going to love the library of ps4 and that like 15 games. I only have 3 “must have’s” possibly four for xbox one. I really need more in order to move forward with investments.