Well the confirmation most was waiting on has happened. The Xbox one version of the Division is coming in at the 1080p we all had hope for. Based on past experiences whenever third party games such as Madden, Fifa, NBA 2k, and others match the max output of 1080p on both consoles then the results, thanks to Microsoft’s color codex and dynamic lighting settings in the graphics processor, results in a better graphic fidelity on games over the Ps4 versions. Every sport game that released looks better on the Xbox one. I say sport games because those are the ones that most consistently match full resolution on both consoles. It’s only when the resolution doesn’t match, that the Ps4 version outshines the Xbox one. So it looks like the Ps4 might loose this graphic battle for The Division now that the Xbox one version is full 1080p. But hey, maybe both will look the same. Bottom line xbox fans aren’t taking the backseat to this huge game which is a big win for Microsoft. For ps4, they know they will still sell the most copies so that’s their win and bragging right. Can’t wait to play this game!