For those of you who have been seeing some of my articles on the disappointment and then excitement of The Divison this explains why the turn around. Weeks ago videos were seen where the graphics clarity was horrible compared to the original. I mean they didn’t even come close.  I was very upset over this. Then all of sudden we get new footage from the same console build that showed a much more detailed and vibrant footage. This got me excited but concerned why there were two version and which would be the one we get. Well the answer is both. Thanks to Ubisoft graphics toggles are in the game’s menu. One of the toggles increases the clarity, the one thing I was concerned about. As you can see above in the video it makes a huge difference. I am so excited about this game. I haven’t downloaded the beta and I’m considering not and just waiting for the full game because I hate having something and then have it taken away in a short time. I think I would rather wait for the final game. Hope you enjoy this.

Be warned it’s Digital foundry who will try and belittle things sooner or later. They continue with this by zooming 30x on the screen to bring up nit picky crap that nobody care about, as always.