Just like I said, DF goes to amazing lengths to try and find something wrong with the Xbox one version of things to help ps4 boys feel better about their life. In this video they have to pause the game and zoom in at different angles to find that the Xbox one has dynamic resolution in its version. They found that in the distance at times and at different angles which can’t been seen by the normal eye(OMG)..the resolution falls just under 1080p but not 900p for lines on a object that you can’t see unless you zoom in. It’s really pathetic that this company goes to this great of a length to help them make the ps4 look better. Proof of this is that this site shows pc version but never talks in great length about its superior quality over the ps4. If you guys have time to pause, change angles , and zoom in until you find something off, have at it. If anything this has fueled me to get the Xbox one version even more. It’s fanboy pathetic crap that makes me embarrassed to be apart of the Playstation universe. I say that because you should have seen the amount of ps4 fan boys that cheered and acted like they just got a free console in the mail. It’s like they needed to see this to help them sleep better at night since the resolution was the same for such a big title. Its like they can’t stand when things end up like this.