Expect a lot of surprises,” Greenberg explained. “Expect us to talk a lot about games. And if you’re an Xbox owner, I think you’re going to leave really, really, really happy in the investment you made. And if you’re undecided, we hope that you will look at what we deliver on games and want to buy an Xbox.”

Plus, Aaron Greenberg says, “We’re really just starting to really showcase the power and the graphic fidelity of the platform.”

Man o man I love hearing stuff like this. Mainly because when Microsoft says this they mean it and they deliver. This year will bigger in games than last year they have promised and last year was crazy. Honestly, I don’t know if I have anymore room for all that is due already. If this is about sale numbers then none of this means anything. But for those of us that have, play, and enjoy our xbox ones having more games and features is so enjoyable and gratifying. I personally don’t know of anything they could come up with out of my head that they haven’t announced yet but this is Microsoft and they know what they are doing. Bottom line, come e3 Microsoft is going to give us their best and that’s what it’s all about.