The limited RGB! Ever heard of sites, big time sites and or people in the media suggest to you that somehow putting your Xbox one RGB settings to limited and not full somehow makes for a better picture? This thought is even present in the default settings of your Xbox one. They actually recommend this limited RGB or standard(which is limited) settings in the option screen. Well above is what you will get out of both games and movies with limited or standard RGB settings vs Full. To the right is Full RGB settings and to the left is limited or standard settings for RGB. Now I’m not in position to judge anyone but for the life of me I can see no meaningful, logical, spirtual, or any other reason on the face of God’s Planet that one would ever pick the left version. It’s more blurry, washed out, and lifeless. If you find the left image better, I truly feel sorry for you. This same mentality is found in Digital Foundry who always does comparisons with this setting set to standard RGB on the Xbox one but leaves it full for the ps4. This is why you shouldn’t ever trust them to give you a fair comparison on console gaming. Do yourself a favor. Trust your eyes and get the best out of your Xbox one and or ps4. Set the RGB to full and play the very best image quality you can get.