After announcing one of the best and most generous game package in history, Phil spencer was trolled by handful of people that don’t even make up 1% of the owners of the Xbox one. In fact this troll was so desperate and pathetic most sites didn’t even bother posting news about it. I personally had to be told by a friend about the story. Basically 3 or 4 troll buyers or users of Xbox one’s are upset that Microsoft didn’t keep quantum break away from the PC. They Twitted Phil about them canceling their pre-order because they felt this was somehow taking away from their enjoyment knowing that the Pc has this game too and they can’t brag to PC people anymore about it. Basically in one of the dumbest and most insane reasons in world to complain has somehow found its way into some European sites. What kind of pathetic individual has a life where he can’t be happy unless others suffer or lack? Fanboys! In fact the only real gamers that committed, all supported Phil Spencer and his candid remark to the obvious trolls.

@The_CrapGamer You cancelled a pre-order for a game you want to play because someone else get’s to play the game on Windows?

Personally as a PC and Xbox One gamer I’m really keen on the whole “cross-buy” thing. Seems like a damn good deal to me. Reply+217/259-+

Mike198017 hours ago

Mountains and mole hills. Reply+95/113-+

captain_Carl17 hours ago

Why do we need an article about these idiots? Reply+198/240-+

muro17 hours ago

Phil is on point as usual, cutting through the emotional gamer crap. Though I’m sure he’s secretly sat there calling the moaners far worse. Reply+178/196-+

RoyBatty17 hours ago

Anyone bothered about this should be taken out back and shot. Reply+78/128-+

terminaljeremy17 hours ago

Some people really need to experience some Actual Hardship in their lives.

Xbox one fans aren’t bothered about this news and most think it’s absolutely great that Microsoft is trying to gather all under the umbrella of gaming. I personally would love to see pc and xbox combine. That’s why I got Smite and Elite Dangerous. So again thank you Phil Spencer! True gamers rejoice because of gaming not because of others lack.