According to the last report putting xbox one and ps4 at a total of 60 million in sales this would put xbox one at 20 million and ps4 at 40 million. While we already know that the ps4 is the most popular and most sold console people forget that 20 million units by itself is nowhere near a failure. In fact it’s a very successful number after two years on the market. So successful that it’s sales trend put it selling over 70 million during its life cycle. But the most overlooked stat is that xbox one has manage to sell 20 million console despite the ps4 success. Nobody looks at this. It’s much harder to be successful when your competitors have the mindshare advantage and the sales figures advertised as the number one console in the world. Basically it’s logic. If a console out there exist and can be bought that is said to be the very best both in word of mouth and numbers advertised why on earth doesn’t everyone just buy that console only? In fact it’s absolutely illogical to buy anything else. But this is exactly what 20 million people have done and continue to do. So what does that tell you? Basically that there are a lot of people that think for themselves for one. Not to say ps4 people don’t but that it takes more of this for a console that is not popular to like and considered weaker or less attractive to the world. For anyone to make a decision that goes against the popular overwhelming belief or opinion takes more of the attitude that this gamer thinks for themselves and doesn’t just buy things because it’s popular or is “said” to be better. Secondly and the most obvious is that the console they got in the midst of the so called best and most popular choice must have some serious advantages that make going with a console that is suppose to be so weak look so amazing to them. On top of this fact is the number 20 million. 20 million people and growing felt the same way about this direction and their choice not to follow others, to make their own path, that the direction must be legitimate enough to all of them to have a growing fan base in such a high number in the millions this early.  Bottom line is that if 20 million people got a xbox one they are legit, strong, and obviously fun enough to warrant it despite double the amount of people following the easier more popular choice. Especially knowing that both consoles have been equally available and priced equally, there is little excuse left.