1. Uncharted
2. Paragon
3. MLB 16
4. Ratchet and Klank
5. No Man sky
6. Street fighter


1. NHL 17
3.Madden 17
4.Nba 2k17
5.Mass effect
6.The Divison
7.Quantum Break
8. Recore
9. Gears of wars 4
10.Halo Wars
12.Tekken 7

Now before anyone gets all crazy over the list above let me explain. For a while I have known that this year, at least right now that we know of would be a heavy ps4 title year while xbox one might not see that heavy hitters according to most reports. Phil has said otherwise so I have to trust what he says though. But above all other things I knew who is the king of hype, delays, and lies, Sony. So above is a result of understanding that games like Grand Turismo sport will not be out this year and if so it won’t be anywhere where it needs to be. I understand that FF7 is likely not happening while they are trying to finish ff15. Horizon Zero Dawn is yet another title I really don’t think will make it out but if it does I’m not really excited about to be honest. It looks good but the whole robot animals theme just doesn’t do it for me. Hellblade is yet another title that I fear for people with because the game looks absolutely horrible. Really bad camera angles, weak generic animations, bad concept for a story, and all being done by a team of 10 people or so. Lastly my main pool being inside the Xbox camp is a result of the the amazing, irreplaceable Elite controller. It has truly changed the game for me and all games played on the Xbox one. So games like Hitman, Mass effect, The Divison, and all other third party titles get a home on the Xbox one because I can’t even imagine playing them on anything less than the Elite controller. The remaining sony games are all console exclusives that are the very best games for their genre for the PS4 and therefore will have to be purchased on the ps4.