To further the most stupidest concept I have ever seen about exclusivity of games let’s not forget about the hardware. For the less than 1% of Xbox one actual players and the other 10% ps4 fanboys that just wanted to talk, add the controller to your complaints. The Xbox one elite controller, by far and away the best controller ever made is not exclusive to the console either so why aren’t you complaining about that or taking that back to the store? Why, because only serious xbox one owners that actually have a real life bought this controller. The idiots that have to live their lives through others misery so they feel better about their lives are the ones complaining about the PC format. Real gamers don’t care about who else is or aren’t getting games they only care about playing the game for themselves. Only the lonely pathetic beings out there waste time doing complain about not having sole right to a game. How in the world does your knowledge that PC owners have or don’t have access to a game you are playing going to make your life or gameplay better? It can’t idiots. Wake up and understanding just how stupid you sound and childish you are for even complaining about something so selfish. By the way ps4 fanboys you do know that your most anticipated games Street fighter V, No Man Sky and Paragon is being released on PC. I wonder will you push against this the same way you have trolled about for Quantum Break’s exclusivity.