Wow, what a turn about. I can’t believe how bad this game is for me. Street fighter 5 is suppose to be so good however for me it’s so bad. It’s a bare bone lazy worked title that merely comes in well for multiple player purposes. I haven’t witnessed a fighting game that never allows you to change your # of matches and limit you to like 5 fightsoops try 3 one round fights. It’s so badly thought out its embarrassing. The biggest anger I feel is with the fact that I actually paid for this title. I wasted $60 on this multi player only title(basically). I mean they didn’t even try and develope a complete game. The graphics, yes…looked good but honestly I was expecting more when I saw the videos of this game before release. Maybe the videos shown were really pc not ps4. The videos I saw before launch looked more fluid and impressive. This is real disappointing because I was really looking forward to playing my first exclusive console title of the year. Now I know most of you will play online but I don’t like playing others online. I would rather play someone in person than strangers online.  Plus I love beating the CPU more than humans. But hey this is just me, not everyone will think like this and I’m perfectly fine with that. But at the end of the day I turned on my Xbox one once again to play my games there with my perfect Elite controller.