Forgive me if this is common knowledge but I didn’t know that the ps4 twitch was better than the Xbox one twitch. I found this out when I was playing the ps4 newly added twitch and a d later that same day starting up the Xbox one’s. Every single time I start the Xbox one they give me a commerical. These commercials start over and over between like 3 or 4 stream you activate. However with the ps4 I don’t see nowhere near the same amount of commercials. Sometimes even if I start the app up from a fresh start without it playing in the background on ps4 it doesn’t make me wait on commercials to see a stream. It’s crazy that the same app doesn’t require the same number of commercials as the other. I don’t know if playstation is paying some kind of fee to skip over some of these commercials for its players or not. Really though, it doesn’t matter, it’s just better to watch without all these commercials everywhere on the ps4 that I have noticed. Microsoft I would seriously look into this. I for one would like to see less commercials on the Xbox one side of things for Twitch. Kinda getting old seeing all these Forza horizon commercials.