Quantum break and Uncharted 4 are arguably the two best offerings for Sony and Microsoft this year. So much push and money backing for these two titles equals mad hype and pressure. I stop and ask the scariest yet possible question; what if they fail? Sony’s Uncharted is considered the very best game ever seen by some while Quantum Break has won awards already for the best looking title in gaming according to others. There is no doubt that these titles are the biggest of this year but where would the failure put each respective company?

With ps4, the failure of Uncharted would mean that they have failed again on a big name exclusive. It will spark even more talks about the success of Sony choices in the quality of first party titles. Games like 1886 will be compared to this title and where Sony went wrong. With fans, lots of disappointment but most will support any and all failures inside this game even if they don’t play it ever again. Much like they did with 1886. The big question is rather or not they loose fans? They won’t. Sony has so many titles due this year that even if only 50% of them hits and of them,only 1/2 of those are great it will be enough for the fans.

On the backside of the coin we have quantum break though. Probably the most technically advance game ever made up to this point. The amount of cash thrown at this game is probably the most ever or just under it. There hasn’t been a bigger more important title other than Halo. So what if it fails? Here where things get ugly. Unlike Sony, Microsoft doesn’t have a plethora of exclusives announced this far for 2016. In fact this is the biggest and best game they will have this year that we know of right now. This is where things come back and bite Microsoft. Because this is the best and it’s due for the early part of year you put yourself in a position that at the end of year nobody will remember quantum break because of the early release at the beginning of the year. That means no Christmas day sale, buys or console hype just for that game. In fact games that released in the early part of the year don’t become a factor to gamers during the Christmas rush.  So any and all chances to make back investments will have be done in March -June. If this game fails so does all your investments and so does any chance of you being relevant for the rest of the year if not for the rest of the generation. Microsoft can’t afford for this game to fail because it’s the best they got for the rest of the year. Some will claim Gears of War will help them for Christmas but as of right now this game is set for the Christmas holiday release zone which means it could miss it based on history of games to be released during December. Bottom line Quantum Break will be the tipping point that gamers reject  or accepts the Xbox one as a a whole and with so few exclusives left for Microsoft this year they can’t afford to loose this one. The worse thing is that quantum break truly  represents a game that can keep Microsoft talked about at best. However, the unfair issue is that Quantum Break also presents its demise if it’s fails.