What seems to be a every week or month event, the consoles trade back and forth headaches that prove you need both. Today and what seems to be a more common problem is Microsoft’s network. Up til today the network failure haven’t been the kind that prevented me from playing the console games I had stored on it. Before, when the network went down I could still play my games I had stored on the hard drive. However this failure seems to be more complete than the previous failures as my system didn’t even start with my controller and when I manual turned it on no game worked. This kind of failure is more serious for me. I’m not pleased at all. Just before this I wasn’t pleased with Twitch being better on the ps4. Then we have mlb 16 turning out to be better than I feared. Then news hit that Smite was coming to ps4 and street fighter hit. Yet bigger, ps4 had a stress test weekend and survived with free online access to everyone. Come on Microsoft things are piling up again. Normally this means something is coming to balance things back their way soon. This has been the norm through years of competition and I would hope this time is no different. However, again I find the ps4 in need of playing and yet another overwhelmingly joy of knowing I got both consoles no matter what happens. It’s a good thing to take note of people. For xbox one owners..hang in there , I know this sucks but it won’t be forever. At least this didn’t happen during the The Divison Beta right! Ps4 here I come!