The new specs from ps4 right now states that the Ps4’s vr will be more efficient than a pc with the same specs (although most PC’S have surpassed those specs for a while now). They also claim 100 degree viewable surround with a 18ms latency. However the most important spec is that it will claim to boost 60hz to 120hz and have options for 90hz thanks to the type of screen and size in the headset. Now playstation has been real good at pushing numbers and stats but it remains to be seen if the numbers will result in even a close experience as the Occulus rift. Now I’m a firm believer that money and R&D produces the better product. So I really confused about the claims as the Ps4 VR hasn’t had as much research or money backing as the Rift. But when the smoke settles at the least Microsoft will be placed behind a in terms of mindshare even more so after this event. Something the Giant didn’t need at this time. May God help them if Sony announces “No Man Sky”with this thing. But we will have to wait and see.