I guess it’s time again for the bashing light to be cut on as articles are being published about the PC sales over xbox one. Pc sold 3:1 vs Xbox One “AT LAUNCH” for Rise of the Tomb Raider. This is the stupidest thing to say or write about concerning this game. It’s only merely there to try and bring down the Xbox one. What good is selling 300,000 copies on PC at launch when Xbox One continued to sell over a million of this game while PC sells stopped and never reached 500,000? This is obviously a Xbox one bash article that is there to troll that it’s actually funny and scary at the same time. This is like bragging that you started first only to finish last. It’s absolutely a worthless statement . It’s so scary to see how easily bad statements and ideas are share by so called intelligent people. It’s like they have nothing else to write about so they have to reach. Is the pc version better (if you have spent $800-$1000 on your PC)? Yes. Is the difference worth buying a pc? Nope. Console gaming is still better and more expanded than pc type of games right now. Microsoft is trying to blur the lines of that but I still feel more third party games come more frequently on console than pc. With PC you have moba, first person, and strategy games that take up most people buys. On console,sports,first person shooter, open world, third person shooters, action and adventure, platforms, and fighters all dominate equally. This is why for me it’s so much better than pc. So PC sales don’t mean crap to console owners. We, as a whole, don’t care about PC nor their sales. In fact PC owner spend more time talking about consoles than we do towards them.They aren’t a threat, never have been. The day the main stream stores took their focus on PC GAMING was the day they stopped being a threat to consoles.