So far what I take from this is a double edge sword. On one hand, there’s very good action sequences. The graphics are very well done even if greyed and the story plot has good possibilities. With that also comes some let downs. The animation is very choppy, slow and robotic like. It doesn’t seem to run at high frames per second but this is common in most console action games. The animations of the characters speech and fluidness isn’t what it should be at times due to the position of the camera and movements of the characters. There are times where you are forced behind the main character while he is speaking to another person and you can’t seem to tell if the characters are actually speaking or its voice over commentary. In other words when you look at people talk there are body motions that go on with their heads, hands, shoulders etc, etc that express from a distance that one is speaking even if you can’t hear them. This doesn’t go on in this game even when you close up sometimes. It’s like the words are separate from the game like a voice over commentary. Now this isn’t all the time but it happens enough in these videos that you start to feel a disconnect unless the person speaking is face towards the camera. Does this kill the game for Xbox one owners? No! However ps4 fanboys will bring up the one thing that matters to them and others media reporters…It’s not going outsell, nor be better than Uncharted 4!!! This is very clear and without doubt after watching these videos. The best game xbox one has done will fall short of even coming close to beating Ps4’s best game Uncharted 4. This is what it will come down to in the hearts of many. As a dual console owner I am very honest and can be up front with this fact. But this won’t stop me from getting this game because I’m not buying a game because it’s better or worse than another. I buy a game based on its own merit. And even if the game isn’t perfect or as polished as I would like it, it’s still looks like a good game. If nothing else I love when people try and think outside the box. It takes courage to do so and Remedy has, at the very least, done so with this game so far that I can tell. The final conclusion won’t be seen though until I play through myself. At the end of the day this game will be discussed for the next week or so, both good and bad, by media and fanboys alike.