The implication for Xbox hardware in particular was a console that could theoretically see a hardware upgrade mid-generation, and he decried the existence of generational boxes that are locked into the same tech for 6-7 years before an entirely new unit replaces them.”

Phil Spencer made it very clear recently. Windows is the one aand only platform not the Xbox one and Windows PC anymore. It’s focus is one direction, universal platforming. While this is a business move that makes sense on paper it might not make us gamers feel well. Games like Forza, Gears of war, and others heading over to the PC with better graphics and frame rate only feels like a stab in the back now because they have made them so much better than they are on the Xbox one. Now this isn’t the same as complaining about a format that gets a chance to play a game I have. It’s about making that game “better” for a secondary format than you did for the primary. Unlike the issue with Quantum Break being shipped with the PC version, these games are far and away better looking and playing games and free in some cases. This is where things sting.

Now Phil’s counter to this is that they are looking at bringing another console out mid lifespan to match pc upgrades cycles to keep things balanced. Basically 3-4 years is the refresh time and not the 6+year mark we are use to. They also could just bring in a separate system that has the ability to be upgraded if one chooses. Bottom line is that this will cause major confusion of which system to get and which one does what. It also gives bad feelings of people invested in their consoles expecting them to be the top for the gaming on this platform only to be told 3 years later another console is coming so you need to spend more money to buy that. The other side of the coin will be those who will say this is no different than Pc’s so what’s the big deal. But to that I say, you are right, which is one of the main reason I play consoles not Pc’s. I don’t like this at all personally. I don’t want to see yet another console upgrade release 3 years after I have spent $499 on a the prior. Yes I know my game investment follows me because of the software compatibility but this still doesn’t put wasteful money back into my pocket from a hardware I expected to be their top console for the next 5-6 years at least. If you had told us that this console was going to be replaced in 3 years people wouldn’t have purchased it. This whole thing really puts a bad taste in my month moving forward with games on their platform. Even if this next console comes out smoking spec wise, the only thing people will see initially is that it won’t be on the market but for 3 years while the ps4 who leads and has more games is standing still declaring to gamers they have their investment taking care of. This road needs to be rethought quickly.