It amazes me that so much focus is put on exclusives on xbox one meaning nothing because it comes out on PC.

Games like Street fighter V, Paragon and No Man sky are console exclusives to Ps4 and yet they are coming out on PC but nobody is shying away from counting them as Ps4 exclusives

. It’s just stupid for there to be this double standard when people won’t fairly write articles against Sony for the same thing they rip Microsoft for. Fair is fair! As a dual console owner I could give two left toenails about defining Console exclusives vs exclusives. If I can’t play it on another console it’s exclusive in my opinion and most others. I fail to see how it cheapens the meaning because PC gets its. But this means I’m not going to be mad about this happening to Microsoft nor Sony. I can’t pick and choose unfairly to go after one without the going after the other. When No Man sky or Paragon hits you won’t hear how bad this is that PC people are getting the game. All you will hear is how Ps4 is the greatest in the world. When Street fighter V came out you didn’t hear one peep about it being less of a exclusive game or a bad thing because PC was getting it. It’s not blind fanboy opinions here, I’m just telling the truth and most know that I am!