Its a sad day for me. I think we have come to the end of my xbox one. It’s just too much heat and too many things going against them to stick around while I can get $200 for the system still. I understand the unified platform and why Phil is doing this. I just don’t see the popularity of this move helping an already damaged division. My system works but has been showing little signs of failures may be on its way more and more. The amount of exclusives I’m buying for the ps4 this year leaves no room for gaming on the Xbox one unless I force it, plus it’s very expensive if you are already not sure the console will survive. On top of that the game I would get for the Xbox one none of friends play on the Xbox one. They all use the ps4 for those games. The biggest thing is Phil and Microsoft’s plans to bring out yet another console soon. A console that will be better than the current xbox one. If this is the case I would be better off trading in and getting the credits before they drop and wait on that console. When this new system is shown the trade in and value will drop fast and low. Smite came to ps4, Paragon is on its way, No man sky is on its way, Uncharted, and many others. Then to top it off The Divison is all Ps4 for my friends. I just can’t win with xbox . Even with Quantum break being on its way, it’s just one game of only about 2 at best that I would buy the whole year for xbox one and that’s being nice. To be flat out honest only Quantum break was a for sure buy for xbox one this whole year at first. And now, if I’m honest with myself, I was not fully convinced that I was happy with the final operation of the movements of the character on screen compared to its competitors. This is not goodbye forever (hopefully)..I not mad at Microsoft by no means. I’m merely making a move to prepare for the possible better future and doing this at a time that it doesn’t hurt as much( while I have no games I want on the format for at least a year).