Hatred! Not the game but the sure outright emotion and attitude people feel when the subject of Microsoft and xbox one comes up. From the moment xbox and Microsoft came out to support the developers in their direction to finally bring DRM to consoles because they were tired of trade in’s and it’s lost of money, they were hated. Then they reversed their efforts long before the launch of the X1 and was hated for flip flopping. Then they came out with better motion camera and games and they were hated because they were accused of forcing gamers to have a camera. Then they were hated because people felt they were being watched by microsoft secretly. Then they created a console without the kinect and was hated because they were creating to many different consoles yet ps4 has different consoles on the market as well. Then they were hated because their console uses more electrical power than the ps4 but nobody measures this crap. Then they were hated because of Ryse having QuickTime actions but yet ps4 fan cheer 1886??? Skipping to the present, they were hated because they signed Tomb Raider to a exclusive deal for consoles and yet ps4 has signed exclusives as well. They are hated because they actually gave away 3 free games with Quantum break for the price of 1 game. Who complains about free games?? They are hated because they made quantum break open to their own platform, the pc. Now they’re hated because they are trying to unify the platform to bring more games to their platform X1 and pc and they are accused of trying to control the market and put a monopoly on games but who controls gaming more than Nintendo and Sony???? I don’t get , I really don’t. It only proves this type of hate is unwarranted and will forever limit their platform. It doesn’t matter what they give away,  what they do for others, nor what makes sense, all that matters is that the media has determined to hate Microsoft and there isn’t anything they can do about this.