Sony is focused on bringing thier games to Pc by streaming them from the ps4. This isn’t good in my opinion. It is very interesting that you don’t here their fanboys coming out attacking Sony the way they attacked Microsoft for doing the same thing.  If you remember, this is exactly how it started for Microsoft. First they did this same thing and most were very curious about their reasoning. Most console owner don’t care about PC much less them pushing games to it. After the focus to making the games push to pc the next step was done in bringing their games to PC without the need to stream them from the console. This will be next for ps4 if this is a sign of their direction. They already have a store on TVs and PCs that you can buy tv shows and movies from. This will be the next possible logical step of my fear is real. But again, you will hear crickets probably about this from the fanboys and media. Or worse yet you will here how great Sony is for doing this. You know this is just like Sony to not chime in on things that Microsoft is doing because they know they are planning on the same thing unless the heat gets too hot and then the will come out and act like this was never their plans and stand up against it to gain favor. So what’s next, a new console next year or sooner like Microsoft? If so, looks like my Ps4 will be next in line to trade in just like my Xbox one was yesterday. But I have got to hear it from their own month. Is this how it starts? Is this how consoles die? …Maybe!