“No there is no such thing as a ps5 ”


Man, I was so happy to hear this I could kiss Yoshida. If the system isn’t created yet there is no way it can come out this year or the next. At best maybe in 3 more years which is what most expected, a 5 year console life before the next at best. PS4 even more so than ever seems to be the most logically choice for gaming. They seem to get the importance of loyalty and thanks to Mark Cerny they created a system that can last through this whole generation. While I’m not “mad”with Microsoft it is hard for me to see the purpose in investing in a console that has already confirmed they aren’t staying with. Millions have invested in and now what? The truth is they are in need of a different system because they are about ready to admit they didn’t create this one as well as they should and sees a ceiling to its progress a lot sooner than they expected. Mostly the sales difference hurts them. Say what you want, it’s all about money. If you aren’t making it then you are investing it. But the end result is still so you make more than you push into it, profit. Microsoft direction speaks volumes about their investment future they see in the Xbox one. They don’t think it’s good enough to keep investing in. So if they don’t think it’s good enough why should I? At least with Sony, for whatever reason is the real reason, they are sticking with the ps4. I really like this even if the real reason is that they can’t afford to put out another system yet.  For Microsoft I hope they understand they are about to catch a lot of venom because of this and this could all for nothing. They are trying to force a win into this generation when all signs point to the fact that this generation is just meant for the ps4. It was just their time. Nothing they can do will change this. Japan will never accept Microsoft, Europe has already chosen their winner. So this leaves the U.S. Maybe at best they will win over America but this won’t win the war for install base. Sony will still win globally and all Microsoft would have accomplished was making their core fans feel they invested in the wrong product, maybe company. As for those on the fence, Microsoft has forced them off it, to completely stand on ps4 side. But what do I know?