Dear Phil, phil, Phil old buddy….

Let me say right off the bat that I’m a big fan. I trust you among all gaming heads out there because you truly are a open minded gamer. However, if you thought for one second that cutting Fable and their studio out period was going to be seen as a great day in history for xbox you were wrong clearly. At the same time I do feel that you are doomed no mater what you do (good or bad)or what you release for this generation. This generation was meant for ps4 . It was set up for them by fate it seems. Every single thing that is tried combating them fails. Next generation is what needs to be focused on and I guess this is happening next year instead of 4-5 years from now according to yet another bad direction call in my opinion. I do feel people need to lay off you but you have got to see this was unavoidable at points. For me the Xbox one has been the better platform for what I play up til this year then the bottom fail out. So it saddens me to see how much continues to build up against Xbox. But if you are successful in the next system in a year from now I will be there rooting for you still even though I don’t think it will do much good while ps4 is still denominating worldwide. My advice would be to abandon this thought of upgrading the console before the 5 year mark, let this generation play out and push smarter and harder next generation 4-5 years from now.